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JT has been practicing since 1994 and has completed Specialty Classes taught by Irene Hickman – of the Irene Hickman Foundation for removing negative and unproductive thoughts. He learned how to remove these thoughts. (We all collect negativity in life.) This is a very spiritual process. It cleanses one of any “life problem”. He engages this procedure while you are in a trance.
With your life's problems removed, you can accomplish anything "YOU" wish to accomplish!

Hypnosis is a method by which we can alter our state of awareness, allowing us to focus upon issues or ideas of our choosing. Hypnosis is a tool which we can utilize to enhance, or enable, whatever we set our minds to accomplish. Your subconscious mind is wide awake and totally open to the accomplishments you choose to achieve. Your conscious mind is relaxed (with your body) and has made it favorable for the positive changes to be engaged with little or no resistance.

YOUR body has a blue print for perfect health and none for disease.
Through hypnosis you can unlock your innate wellness you were born with and meant to have

JT is a member of the Society for Ethical Hypnosis                                                        


I have read many books on near death experiences. I have also had numerous clients that have had near death experience.
They say in the “Light” (many refer to the “Light” as Heaven) there are NO LIMITS, there is LOVE, HEALTH, AND NO JUDGEMENTS.
It is so freeing. They also say that we all have a purpose which gives reason that they came back to life.

Hypnotherapy guides you back to that blueprint of health that the creator (many reason that this is God) put there. If there was no blueprint of health, there is no way that we could ever become better and healthier! Hypnotherapy helps you let go of the past blockages. It connects you once again with that blueprint of health and happiness.

Rumors exist, however, in true Hypnotherapy there is nothing evil or controlling. JT can not guide you into anything you do not want to do! Hypnosis is a part of the total Hypnotherapy experience.

In Biblical terms we see that in the Bible’s book of Genesis: GOD the creator, created us in his image.
The Bible has never mentioned GOD being sick, his image is the perfection of true health. The blueprint of mankind.

The tools of Hypnotherapy are explained in the bible as a positive presence. John 14:12 Jesus said; All these miracles I can do,
YOU can do better! Miracles that Jesus had done in the bible directly involved issues of health. He didn't hand out pills or injections.
It was his profound belief in the creator GOD. With this alone, their souls found that blueprint of health that all of our human cells know.

“I believe in a SOURCE, a GOD that created ALL!”
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