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Things we do

Opportunities for changes and improvements!
Freedom From Pain
Pain is the messenger and it can be shut off. When the body hurts it wants to start healing. When the pain occurs, the healing process starts immediately. The body's natural instinct is to heal itself.  

The goal is to control the message that the messenger is sending. Using Hypnosis to control the message of pain, the healing process occurs at a much faster rate and health is returned not only faster — but better.               

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It is the body's natural instinct to heal. There are many impediments experienced during the healing process.  Words said such as "You will never walk again", "This will leave a scar", "Your arm will be limp for life", "You will walk with a limp" are just many of the common statements.

On June 20, 2015 JT fell approximately twelve feet to the ground from the roof above while cleaning gutters.  He had broken bones in both legs and compressed his back.  He was told by doctors that it would be over a year that he would have specific functional walking capabilities.  Pictured here wearing a protective shell, the doctors released JT August 15 and August 20, 2015 JT walked up the two flights of stairs to his office.

This healing was done with self hypnosis.

For your healing, JT will come to your home, hospital or rehab center to bring his healing hypnotherapy.

"After having nearly destroyed the CIT scanner at the hospital during an emergency procedure, and knowing that I was going to have the procedure repeated, JT came to the hospital and did a hypnosis session for pain management.  The second CIT scan was a walk in the park with no pain or nervousness.  They never did find what caused my body to put me in the pain either."  ~ Scott Denys.
Put it out for Good!
Go through your unconscious mind to convince the conscious mind that the time has come to quit with ease. One of the most common and successful engagements of Hypnotherapy.
(This how many people discover hypnosis..)
Migraine Relief
Very few believe they can have migraine relief.  This thought is one of the root causes of perpetual migraine pain.  Through Hypnosis we break the pain into fractions. Dealing with these smaller units you can realize that you can control your pain.  

We then find the root cause of the pain.  Through Hypnosis we then create a path of control taking away its painful energy.  Most clients are pain free for the rest of their lives.  Some may require a repeat session.

Blood Pressure Stabilization
This is a procedure to control your reactions to past and present stress related situations.
With hypnotherapy it is possible to find the tools to cope effectively with such issues. You’ll be able to keep your blood pressure is right on target no matter what the situation may be.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Your bowel should flow like ripples in a lake, when you throw a rock in it. No ripple should go over another! Your bowel has developed a hiccup. Squeezing here and there, causing you pain! This happens when your bowel is nervous or you have anxiety about something. When you are hypnotized your mind finds the root cause and then with professional guidance it’s resolved. Your bowel goes back to the natural and proper way of functioning.
Study Habits / ADD

One client proclaimed, "I went from failing to getting 100% accuracy on my next four tests!”  This also helps with focusing in school.   Forgive all those that have called you dummy or stupid or other negative term.
Affairs of the Heart

Few things leave one with such incredible remorse and hurt within. Get past the pain and heartache of the past relationship. JT can guide you through removing all the trauma to become the wonderful, caring and compassionate person you deserve to be. Often even parental misguidance can leave you confused. Even much later in life. The root causes can and will be discovered and released. You're worth it. JT will help you to not only see it — but to feel it.
Stage Fright & Sports Anxiety

Stand in front of crowds or cameras and meet new people with ease.  Perform to your true potential.  Allow for training and rehearsal to flow.  Control and eliminate the troublesome parts of your game. Golfers, control the yips.  Baseball pitchers, hold the runner on better by boosing your confidence in throws to the first baseman.  Basketball players, boost confidence at the free throw line or eliminate your fear of driving to the basket.

Hypnosis can be affectively used to work through factors that cause distraction removing blocks that an opponent or teammates have you believing.
Drugs and Alcoholism

It may start with a feeling of inadequacy, guilt, or self-rejection. Mom or Dad always drank, so I can't do any better. I just lost my job, I can't do anything, I'm a failure.
You’ll release the emotional negatives to help create the behavior and the attitude that you want and be free from the alcohol or drugs. Alcoholism or drug usage is in the conscious mind. That is where Hypnosis works. By relaxing the mind, and finding the negatives and letting them go, then finding higher values and priorities that you require. These values are just like AA.
JT’s has an amazing success rate. Three to four days of no drinking or drugs is required. With the hypnosis you will create a life where substance does not control you.

JT also has had tremendous success in helping roofie rape victims reclaim memory for the purpose of predator identification. It is important to catch the predator who uses drugs to disable a woman's defense mechanism for the purpose of sexual assault.  Through hypnosis the memories can be recovered and the predator identified.
The Removal of Aids

Yes it can be done. JT studied extensively with Rev. Dr. Michael Ellner, who heads the Organization "HEAL" in New York City. Since the Mid-1980's he has been successful in clearing Aids from hundreds and hundreds of people. JT learned this procedure, and he can help you too.  All through hypnosis.
Many More Possibilities

This list is just a few examples of illness that can be cured by JT’s hypnotherapy techniques.
Here are a few more..
• Scar, Blemish, Stretch-Mark Removal • Breast Enhancement • Fibromyalgia Syndrome • Hypno-Birthing • Increase Sexuality • PMS Eradication • Heal Ulcers • Increase Sexuality • Eyesight Improvement • Weight Loss • and Much More!

What can JT do for you?                     Call now to find out. 563 579 7338

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